Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Little Foxes

Why, hello there. It's been a while.
Exams are over for most of us in the Cape & the kids at Thrift have had some free time.
So, we took photographs whilst frolicking in the woods.
The shoot features Somerset Westian beauties Peach Cronje, Morgan Wolf, Mischka Langeveldt & Alice Steele.

Have a peek- THESE ARE ONLY A FEW OF THE PICS, follow our link to our Facebook friend page, add us to see more & then give us a shout if you're keen to purchase any Thrift things

OH, I almost forgot. Check out this BLOG by one of our Thrift models, Alice Steele. It's pretty darn fantastic, you'll fall in love with her.



Photography by Gabrielle Kannemeyer
Styling by Thrift
Models Peach, Mischka, Morgan & Alice

Good day to you