Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Little Bit of Lovin'

Every now and then one stumbles upon a little something too good to not-share. These local Cape Towny blogs are little somethings we at Thrift are terribly in love with.
Imagination. Inspiration. Admiration. and all the other good ations there are.

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Non Cape Towny Blogs

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Gentleman Is Simply a Patient Wolf ~ Lana Turner

Last week I posted a little something about the shoes many girls dreams are made of, however, this week's post is for the boykies. There has always been something about a man who has the ability to put an outfit together seemingly effortlessly, and even more enticing is a man who has good taste in shoes. After stumbling upon some proper authentic vintage & vintage inspired kicks, I felt compelled to share their Italian leathery goodness with you kids.

The Oxford/Brogue. 1600s
This shoe is proper old, originating in Scotland & Ireland in the late sixteenth century. The prices vary, but the third pair (handmade suede wingtip brogues) costs just about
R840 on ebay (shipping incl.)

The Chelsea/Dealer boot. 1820
The Chelsea boot was designed in the Victorian era - horse riding boot and also part of the 1960 mod scene. The black suede John Spencer boot (fourth pic) is selling for around 
R1230 (Shipping incl) on ebay.

The Loafer. 1930
These shoes started appearing in the mid 1930s in Norway. The pair on the left is selling for
+- R580 (shipping incl) on ebay.

The Winkle Picker. 1950
1950 rock & roll fans wore these.
They cost about R700 on ebay

Bob Dylan used to wear these guys/probably still does.

1. J-crew. 2. Calvin Klein. 3. Ebay no-name guys.

Some Skoens Available at Country Road, Right Now.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for all of these shoes for you guys.
hand cut v-necks & and extreme vests with custom Thrift concept prints.


Sunday, March 13, 2011


O b s e s s i o n   i s   u n h e a l t h y

I have been rather enamored by the bullboxer platform wedge of late. When I see them I honestly just want to cuddle them inappropriately & passionately. ZOOM footwear has this little beaut in stock right now, it's called the ELMA BOOT (retail at R799) RUN THERE RIGHT NOW and you may just snag one or alternately, buy online :)
Please note how HOT Rumi Neely from FASHIONTOAST looks in them?
Below is Giulietta Zanotti's Leopard print masterpiece. Selling for roughly R7000 online. Sigh. 
Below are some seriously hot punk goth inspired kicks I've seen the very impressive Nicci Bruce wear around the city. 
Lace ups
An awe-inspiring shoe created by the shoe Gods (& Stella McCartney). Retail for like R7000. Another sigh.
I find it so difficult to find these treasures in the stores in and around KapTown (which is actually great), so I've been abusing online shopping sites with my new credit card. I suggest you borrow mom/dad's plastic & do the same if you want a pair if unique winter ankle boots. 

Ps:  Thrift Vibes up soon, kids.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Under Construction

The Thrift blog will be back, with lots of new changes. We'll keep you posted!