Sunday, March 13, 2011


O b s e s s i o n   i s   u n h e a l t h y

I have been rather enamored by the bullboxer platform wedge of late. When I see them I honestly just want to cuddle them inappropriately & passionately. ZOOM footwear has this little beaut in stock right now, it's called the ELMA BOOT (retail at R799) RUN THERE RIGHT NOW and you may just snag one or alternately, buy online :)
Please note how HOT Rumi Neely from FASHIONTOAST looks in them?
Below is Giulietta Zanotti's Leopard print masterpiece. Selling for roughly R7000 online. Sigh. 
Below are some seriously hot punk goth inspired kicks I've seen the very impressive Nicci Bruce wear around the city. 
Lace ups
An awe-inspiring shoe created by the shoe Gods (& Stella McCartney). Retail for like R7000. Another sigh.
I find it so difficult to find these treasures in the stores in and around KapTown (which is actually great), so I've been abusing online shopping sites with my new credit card. I suggest you borrow mom/dad's plastic & do the same if you want a pair if unique winter ankle boots. 

Ps:  Thrift Vibes up soon, kids.



  1. I too am in love with these suede wedges! Have been lusting over them for months after seeing them all over my fave blogs.
    I saw some amazing pairs at ALDO USA's website and am keeping my fingers crossed they get them in!
    I also saw a pair with laces in Woolworths but I prefer them without. The ZOOM one will have to do if ALDO doesn't get in any.

    Loving the new blog look!

  2. Thanks Laiqah!

    Just playing around trying to get it right :)

    EBAY IS THE ANSWER, I swear! You'll pay about R600 - R700 bucks (shipping included) for those suede boots. A complete steal. Just organize a credit card! Enthusiasm must be curbed with it though lol. I may/may not have gotten WAY too excited last night on eBay

  3. Office in england has the leopard ones in brown and pink! amazing!!!
    they're online too and I think they only cost 1600 which is still cheaper than 7K